Maintenance Care For Your Body-Regular Chiropractic Adjustments

I was recently reading through a back issue of a trade magazine when I came across an interesting article on a European study of maintenance care for low back pain.  The authors of the paper won first prize at the European Chiropractors’ Union convention for their work.

The study looked at patients that did maintenance care for low back pain and those that sought symptomatic treatment.  The group that did maintenance care saw their chiropractor roughly every other month, while the other group that treated symptomatically saw their chiropractor approximately five times for a course of care to treat their low back pain.

The article concludes, based on the conclusions of the study, that by seeing your chiropractor two more times per year than you normally do you can have 19 fewer days of back pain.  I found the article very informative and thought provoking; by going to the chiropractor every 8 weeks you can save yourself three weeks of back pain per year.  Now of course this was a study and the numbers have been crunched to come up with these figures.  Individual results will vary but the takeaway for me was that a regular maintenance interval can prevent bigger issues.

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that preventative maintenance will help alleviate the need for acute symptomatic care.  We have regular appointments with our dentists and check-ups with our primary care providers.  We keep the oil changed in our vehicles at regular intervals and rotate the tires.  It makes sense that we should have a regular interval for our chiropractic care as well.

As always, if you have questions for us stop in or call and ask us.  Yours in health, Doc

The article is “Why Maintenance Matters” from the October 2017 issue of Dynamic Chiropractic.  

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