Stretching During Stops On Long Road Trips

Schools are out or will be soon and many of us will be doing more long distance travelling than we have in the first part of the year. Those long trips in the car can leave you stiff and sore, but there is hope! Did you know that rest areas were roughly spaced thirty minutes apart to break up long distance trips? ( Many of these stops offer something to eat or drink and a chance to use the facilities. While you are there do a few stretches to help keep you loose!

Let’s stretch our necks first, shall we? Look down, look up, look to your left and now to your right. Good! Now try to touch your right ear to your right shoulder followed by left ear to left shoulder. Next let’s work on our upper torso. Pull your shoulders back and try to make your shoulder blades touch. Now do the same thing on the front, trying to make your chest muscles touch. Roll your shoulders forward and back a few times. Feeling looser already aren’t you! Now find something a little way off the ground that you can put your foot up on (the door frame of the vehicle or the running board works well), steady yourself, and squat down on the leg that is still on the ground until you feel your hamstrings get tight. Do both legs a couple of times. Now get into a lunge position and stretch the muscles in front. The last stretch is for the calves. Find something to prop your foot against, toes up, and lean into it.

With all of these stretches, take your time. We do not want fast, dynamic movements. A couple minutes of stretching at each stop you make will make your trip more tolerable and have you less stiff when you arrive at your destination! Enjoy your travel and be safe! Doc

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